Versatility for Medical Device Technology

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The NMP 850 HP micro gas transfer pump is available with one or two heads. It is reliable and maintenance-free, with a 200 mbar absolute ultimate vacuum and an operating pressure of 2.5 bar relative.

With a flow rate of up to 16 l/min, the micro diaphragm gas sampling pump can be used for a multitude of different applications, for example the disposal of sample residues. The analysis of biological samples generates mixtures of liquid chemical waste, which is why a robust and reliable pump is needed. KNF’s development team met this need by coming up with a pump head made of resistant PPS, seals made of highly chemically resistant FFKM, FKM or EPDM, and a diaphragm in FKM, PTFE or EPDM.


The single-headed version of the NMP 850 HP processes samples and transfers them to be analyzed, either as a liquid in pressure-over-liquid form or as a gas.


The double-headed version of the micro diaphragm gas sampling pump can be used for degassing liquid samples. Dissolved gases in the samples may affect analytical accuracy, reproducibility and performance. When integrated into analytical systems, the specific vacuum can be adjusted via speed-controlled motors, ensuring accurate results.


Both the single-headed and the double-headed variant of the compact, high-performance NMP 850 HP can be fitted in any position.