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We provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding quality standards and certifications.

KNF pumps are being manufactured in our competence centres in Germany, Switzerland, France and the US.

Our Quality Promise

KNF products are manufactured according to highest quality standards. Our locations are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Well-defined certification processes throughout the company ensure that we can live up to our customers' quality expectations. If you would like to have more information on industry-specific certifications or discuss an audit, please contact us.

Our ISO certifications can be accessed in the Downloads section.


KNF products fulfil the requirements of RoHS/REACH. For further information about a specific declaration for your product, please contact your sales engineer.

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Most KNF pumps are CE-certified and fulfil all requirements regarding safety, health regulations and environmental protection. Contact your sales engineer for more information.

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FDA and NSF certifications depend on product configuration. Please consult your sales engineer for more information.

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