Low in Pulsation, High in Efficiency

The KNF FP 70 is the newest addition to the “low pulse” family of KNF products. It is the smallest pump of the smooth flow series and the all-around solution for markets with the need for particularly low pulsation pumps: It unites the advantages of KNF diaphragm pumps with the main strength of gear and centrifugal pumps. The self-priming pump with patented 4-point valves and dry-running capabilities handles liquids gently and cleanly and has great chemical resistance. In addition, the KNF FP 70 can be customised with motors of different performance classes to exactly meet the requirements – all this combined with low pulsation achieved by integrated pulsation dampeners.

The Integrated Low Pulsation Pump Technology Generates Customer Value in Many Ways 

The low pulsation pump technology used in the KNF FP 70 improves the pump efficiency, as pressure resistance in the tubing is reduced and flow performance is significantly enhanced. This can be a crucial factor if small tubing is used. It also reduces bubble formation, which helps to keep the liquid properties in a steady state and therefore increases the process reliability.


In medical applications, where equipment is often in direct contact with the patient, a smooth flow pump can also have a positive impact. Less pulses are transmitted from the liquid to the tubing and from there to parts applied to the patient, helping to make treatments a less stressful experience. KNF Smooth flow pumps like the KNF FP 70 have not only proven to be reliable in medical applications but also in industries like Inkjet, 3D printing or analytical instruments, where pulsation of the media could compromise the accuracy of the results.

Self-Priming Pump With Low Pulsation

The KNF FP 70 achieves a flow of up to 850 ml/min and is designed for continuous operation up to 2 bar pressure. The integrated pulsation dampeners effectively reduce the pulsation at the pump inlet and outlet. Patented 4-point valves assure reliable self-priming of the pump, even at very low motor speeds. This means, that no additional priming pump is needed in the customer’s system.

The KNF FP 70 low pulsation pump can be equipped with motors ranging from high-end BLDC motors to standard DC, suited to the functionality and the lifetime individual applications may require. Depending on the operating parameters, the BLDC motor achieves a lifetime of more than 20.000 hours. The motor parameters as well as the specifications can be customised to precisely meet the systems requirements.

The features of the new KNF FP 70 Smooth Flow pump series
The features of the new KNF FP 70 Smooth Flow pump series
The features of the new KNF FP 70 Smooth Flow pump series

The KNF FP 70 Features at a Glance

The features of the new KNF FP 70 Smooth Flow pump series
The features of the new KNF FP 70 Smooth Flow pump series
Side view of KNF FP 70 self priming pump

The KNF FP 70 From All Perspectives

Take a closer look at the components of the new low pulsation pump and get a feel for its design. The 3D model allows you to rotate the pump, zoom in or zoom out.

All Details of the FP 70 Smooth Flow Pump

Learn more about the KNF FP 70 and its features, and discuss your specific needs with a KNF expert.

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