KNF to Exhibit at ACHEMA 2024

New DC-BI diaphragm pumps driving process, sustainability, and hydrogen innovation will be on display

Reliable, customizable diaphragm gas pumps with DC-BI motor operations are ideal for hydrogen fuel cell, sustainability and process applications.

Leaders in process engineering, sustainability innovation and hydrogen fuel cell technology will gather June 10 to 14 in Frankfurt, Germany. Attendees can visit KNF in hall 11.1 booth E85, where diaphragm gas pumps featuring the latest Direct Current Brushless Integrated (DC-BI) motor technology will be on display.

New DC-BI Technology

KNF will present new NMP series diaphragm pumps, including the NMP 820 and DC-BI versions of the NMP 830 and NMP 850. These state-of-the-art diaphragm gas pumps deliver flow rates up to 8.5 l/min, pressure up to 3 bar (rel.) and ultimate vacuum down to 55 mbar (abs.) depending on the specific configuration.


The NMP 830.1.2 and NMP 850.1.2 configurations feature the latest DC-BI pump drive technology. These motors offer outstanding durability and are incredibly compact. Manufactured in-house by KNF, they offer a wide range of digital customization options for maximum performance. 

The NMP 850, available with state-of-the-art DC-BI pump drive technology, provides outstanding performance and is incredibly compact.
The NMP 850, available with state-of-the-art DC-BI pump drive technology, provides outstanding performance and is incredibly compact.

Energy Saving Customization Options

KNF pumps feature extensive customization options. DC-BI motors, coupled with these customization and parameterization options, enable energy-saving pump characteristics covering the needs of a variety of operations. KNF NMP series pumps are ideal for hydrogen fuel cell technology, where their performance and reliability are required for application-critical processes. The unique technical characteristics of these pumps make them well-suited for transferring hydrogen and conveying ambient air for complete energy conversion.


Precision and reliability are key for portable gas measurement systems, which are an important part of many process applications. KNF NMP 830 and NMP 850 series pumps provide the performance required for these safety-critical systems, providing fast, reliable and accurate measurement results. New DC-BI motors allow for a compact and lightweight design with outstanding lifetime.

Compact Size, Improved Performance

The new NMP 820 allows for outstanding performance coupled with compact, space-efficient design. It delivers up to 2.1 l/min of free flow while operating at pressures up to 1.2 bar (rel.). It generates a vacuum down to 330 mbar (abs.). The NMP 820 is customizable, with additional heads allowing for increased free flow to 3.5 l/min and ultimate vacuum to 100 mbar (abs.). These quiet, reliable diaphragms are capable of meeting the demanding standards of gas analysis and fuel cell applications.