Why Choose KNF for Extraction Pumps?

More than one pump solution exists for complex extraction system design and KNF offers both gas and liquid diaphragm pumps to meet these challenges head on!

Improved Yield and Recovery Rates
Maximizing efficiency and improving product quality helps reduce post-processing time and increase batch turnover. KNF contributes to success with its line of recovery and solvent pumps, which can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Custom Solutions
Across the pressure range, KNF pumps can handle wet vapors within extraction systems through customization of materials and options like gas ballasts and dropout traps. Our team of experts provide engineering tech support for system design along with a wide range of material choices, including traceable and food grade materials. 

Explosion Proof Motors
Extraction systems rely on a variety of solvents to achieve the highest-quality end product. Preventing explosions is critical in systems that rely on these solvents. KNF offers extraction pumps with explosion-proof(ex-proof) motors compliant with NEC Class 1 hazardous locations (HazLoc) Div 1 - Groups C&D and Div 2 - Groups ABCD.

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Diaphragm Pumps

KNF’s industrial process diaphragm pumps offer clean, quiet operation while providing the efficiency and uptime demanded of extraction systems. They help eliminate media contamination and maintenance requirements through oil-free operation. They are ideal for use in hazardous locations within safety-critical applications.

The UN 860.3 EX diaphragm gas pump features an explosion proof motor, offering efficient recovery determined by the flow rate at the vacuum level required.

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UN 860.3 Ethanol Extraction Pump

Hydrocarbon Extraction

KNF pumps are designed to provide the fast processing times and high yields expected of hydrocarbon extraction systems. They provide strong performance in closed loop butane, propane and other extraction and recovery systems. Our experts will collaborate with your system engineers to create an optimized vacuum and recovery pump solution.

A customized N 1400 EX diaphragm pump with an explosion proof motor, capable of boosting pressure up to 87 psig while maintaining a flow rate of 150 l/min.

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Ethanol Extraction

Running an effective ethanol extraction system presents unique challenges throughout the process. KNF helps meet those challenges head on with a wide range of pump solutions to help your system run quickly and efficiently while reducing post processing time. KNF pumps are suitable for cold ethanol systems down to -60 °F.

The UN 035.3 EX offers oil-free operation and generates vacuum without contaminating media. It features an explosion proof motor and outstanding reliability.

Learn more about the UN 035.3 EX

Solvent Transfer and Reclamation

KNF offers customized solutions for liquid and gas (vacuum over liquid) solvent transfer pumps used within extraction equipment and systems. These diaphragm pumps are highly resistant to aggressive media and are maintenance free. KNF pumps aid in post processing recovery of a variety of costly and critical extraction solvents.

The UFK 1.1100 KT.27 I EX liquid pump with an explosion proof motor, capable of achieving 11.5 l/min of smooth and continuous flow due to a unique 3-diaphragm system. 

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KNF UFK 1.1100 KT.27 I EX

Extraction Equipment Pumps for Post-Processing, Testing, and Winterization

KNF Lab Pumps are an integral part of the steps related to extraction post-processing. Applications such as Rotary Evaporation, Filtration, and Vacuum Ovens are specialties within the KNF Lab Pump product line. 

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