Vacuum Oven

Vacuum ovens provide an extremely effective means for removing excess moisture from a substance via the combined effects of elevated temperature and reduced pressure. When the pressure around the substance is reduced, increased evaporation will occur at lower temperatures. When drying is performed at higher temperatures, lowering the pressure will enable faster evaporation. 

The vacuum oven controls the desired temperature while the vacuum pump reduces the pressure within the oven chamber. Some common applications for vacuum ovens include drying and curing processes within industries such as pharmaceuticals, textiles, paper, ceramics, and rubber. Additionally, vacuum ovens form part of an important process for removing solvents from botanical extractions.  



Considerations for selecting the optimal pump include:


  • Oil-free operation with excellent chemical compatibility
  • Oven chamber volume  
  • Desired end vacuum
  • Vacuum control options
  • Ability to process wet vapors


Note: KNF self-drying pumps (PowerDry® in North America) are recommended for high-moisture applications that require rapid evacuation of large quantities of vapor, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods of operation.



Contact us to discuss KNF pumps and your unique application with one of our technical experts.  

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