Clinical Diagnostic Liquid Waste Handling

Clinical Diagnostic Liquid Waste Handling

KNF creates custom made OEM pumps to fit seamlessly with your medical waste handling equipment for clinical diagnostics. KNF pumps are built to aid in the facilitation of both direct liquid medical waste handling and vacuum over liquid waste collection.

Direct Waste Handling

KNF liquid transfer pumps are made to directly handle waste fluids and then transfer them into either a collection tank or pump them straight into a drain for waste deposit. At KNF, we design and manufacture OEM pumps specifically designed for your medical waste handling equipment. 

We know your equipment is unique. That's why our expert engineers are standing by to work directly with you and your engineers to custom design the exact pump you need for your medical waste disposal equipment. Our customization capabilities include, but are not limited to, designing pumps with specified flow-rates, chemical resistances, and motor control options as needed. These customization options provide for simplicity of pump control, size regulation, lower pump cost, and in some cases, tighter control over the number of system components used.  Additionally, we can minimize noise and vibration, while offering a broad array of options that lead to an ideal balance of cost versus lifetime.

Vacuum Over Liquid Collection Waste Handling

In addition to our Direct Waste Handling pump options, we also offer pumps to create vacuum over liquid waste collection. These can be custom designed to integrate seamlessly with your liquid medical waste disposal systems. Our customization capabilities include flow-rate, motor control options, and more per your individual needs.  

The KNF Difference

Our diaphragm pumps for medical waste disposal are developed by KNF engineers with a vast amount of experience, who will work diligently with your engineers to ensure the pump you need operates cohesively with your equipment. Our pumps integrate with a variety of clinical diagnostics equipment including, but not limited to, flow cytometry systems, immunoassay and chemistry analyzers, automated hematology analyzers, along with molecular diagnostics, microbiology, and point-of-care (POC) devices.

Here are just a few more reasons to choose KNF manufacturing for your waste handling pump needs:

- Numerous wetted materials from which to choose
- Numerous motor options, including many varieties of long-life, brushless DC with logic speed-control
- Liquid flow rates to >12 L/min
- Self-priming liquid pumps
- Air/Gas flow rates to >150 L/min
- Custom OEM projects encouraged

Application Note: Waste Handling

Medical Vacuum Pumps

We offer a variety of OEM Pumps for Medical Suction.

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