Medical Suction Vacuum Pumps

KNF pumps are designed to move air, gas, or liquid within medical equipment and systems used for the suction or removal of clots to alleviate thrombosis, occlusions, and more.


Applications Overview: Medical Device OEM Pumps

Medical device manufacturers rely on KNF Neuberger for their component pumps used in Venous Drainage Equipment, Mechanical Thrombectomy Systems, Surgical Suction and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) systems.
Customized Solutions

Custom Engineering For Your Medical Suction Pump

KNF engineers will work diligently to create the specific medical vacuum pump your equipment requires. The creation of every unique medical suction pump begins with an engineer-to-engineer conversation between our engineers and yours, in which every minute requirement for your pump is discussed. This can include needs such as flow rate, motor control, chemical compatibility, and more. 

After these collaborative discussions, our engineers set to work, creating a pump that fits your exact specifications. Every medical vacuum pump we create is tested to customer specifications, so you will be assured that it will perform as expected in your system. 

We Aren't Satisfied Until You Are

Why choose KNF? Because we won't stop until you're 100% satisfied.

All KNF medical OEM pumps provide flexible solutions for design challenges- from the simplest to the most complex. We offer unique modular designs for our medical vacuum pumps, which allow our engineers to design and develop application-specific solutions for our customers and each of their unique needs. Popular customizable features include motor, pump materials, control, and port configurations, which impact the capacity, lifetime, leak-tightness, and chemical compatibility of the pump.

The KNF Difference

- High performance to size, efficiency and weight ratio
- Excellent reliability/durability
- Speed controllable
- Long service life
- Maintenance-free
- High chemical resistance
- Installation in any orientation
- Ready to speak with an engineer? 
Application Note: Waste Handling

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