Why Micro Air Pumps?

The design of sensitive equipment used for medical, gas sampling, and diagnostic applications is innovating at a rapid pace with a common theme: smaller without sacrificing efficiency or power.  KNF micro air pumps can be customized for mounting orientation, motor size and placement, footprint, and head configuration to best suit the performance requirements.  Ideally, these compact diaphragm pumps offer a solution for portable medical devices and gas sampling equipment.  Shown here, the NMP 03 measures (length x width x height) 30.7 mm x 12.8 mm x 21.3 mm

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The Best Compact Diaphragm Pumps

KNF Micro Diaphragm Pumps rely on the best options available within the modular system.  Equipment manufacturers can select from wetted materials, such as elastomers EPDM and FFKM or thermoplastics like PTFE and PEEK, based on the requirements for chemical resistance.  Additionally, the modular system allows for single or multiple head configurations as well as motor options.  Material, motor and mechanical selections are finalized during engineer-to-engineer conversations and tested every step of the way, resulting in the best compact diaphragm pump for each unique application. 

OEM Custom Pump Options

Spotlight: Vacuum Degassing Applications with Micro Diaphragm Pumps

Accuracy, quality, and throughput are key performance criteria that Analytical Laboratory, Inkjet, and Diagnostics equipment have in common. Requirements for accurate sample dosing, accurate detector readings, reduction of cavitation, the removal of unwanted gases, or the prevention of surface defects, all point to the need for vacuum degassing of liquid media.

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Miniature Diaphragm Pumps

KNF micro pumps are small, lightweight and efficient.  The ideal OEM pump solution for handheld and portable equipment.


Medical Device Integration: blood pressure gauges, negative pressure wound therapy, ventilators

Analytical and Diagnostic Applications: aspiration, ion chromatography with mass spectrometry (IC-MS), high Performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), waste-handling, anesthesia monitoring, tissue sampling, sample transfer and cleaning

Inkjet Printing Applications: degassing of inks within drop on demand (DOD), continuous inkjet (CIJ), 3D, and bioprinting applications


Additionally, micro gas pumps from KNF are well suited as air and gas sampling pumps for environmental and industrial hygiene applications: confined space monitors, homeland security detectors, workplace ambient air quality monitors, waste gas and flue gas analysis, and perimeter monitors.

Customize Your Micropump

One of the most important features of KNF micropumps is a unique modular system - developed to meet specific performance requirements with spec-driven configurations, motors, materials, and accessories.

Materials: for pump heads, diaphragms and valves include 316 stainless steel, aluminum, PPS, FPM, ceramic, EPDM, FFPM, neoprene, polycarbonate and PP. 

Motors: AC, DC, Brushless DC, and Stepper; explosion-proof motors also available

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Gas Micropump Specifications

Miniature Vacuum Pump Features

Micropump Applications

Flow Rate

As low as 0.050 l/min


Deeper than 28.4 in. Hg (50 mbar a)


Up to and over 43.5 psig (3 bar g)

Modular Options

DC and BLDC Motors
EPDM, FKM, PTFE Materials
Custom Performance


High Flow to Size Ratio


Very Long Life
High Gas Tightness
Internal Ported Options


Low Power Consumption
Maintenance Free


High Liters per Watt


Air and Gas Monitoring
Sample Analysis

Analytical Instruments

Waste Removal
Cleaning and Disinfection
Vacuum Degassing

Inkjet Printing

Meniscus Control
System Vacuum or Pressure

Medical Device

Portable, Lightweight Point of Care (POC) Devices
Diagnostic Applications with Limited Space
Wound Care & Monitoring

OEM Micro Pumps: NMP (UNMP) Series

OEM Micro Pumps: NMP (UNMP) Series

Micro Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps

KNF miniature vacuum pumps, in the NMP (UNMP) series, are ideal as OEM pump solutions within environmental, inkjet, and medical applications.  Search within our solution finder for other NMP (UNMP) series pumps.

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OEM Mini Pumps: NMS (UNMS) Series

OEM Mini Pumps: NMS (UNMS) Series

Micro diaphragm vacuum pumps

KNF micro diaphragm vacuum pumps, in the NMS (UNMS) series, are ideal as OEM pump solutions within environmental, inkjet, analytical devices, and medical applications.  Flow rates up to 12 l/min can be reached within this OEM pump series; while offering a very small footprint.  Search within our solution finder for other NMS (UNMS) series pumps.

Learn more: UNMS 020
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