KNF’s Customized Solutions

KNF’s Customized Solutions

Flexible. Tailored. Economical.

At KNF, we know that every application is different, and so we offer you a high degree of flexibility and customization. We use a sophisticated modular system that allows pump designs to be adapted quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Our pump expertise means that we can analyze the customer’s application and precisely tailor each pump to meet specific requirements. We offer more than 100 standard pump types for handling gases and liquids, any of which can be modified to create a custom-fit solution. 

Our modular system makes it possible for us to deliver any batch size – from many thousands to just a single pump. All pump solutions modified from the standard format are assigned a unique project number to protect proprietary designs and simplify tracking.

To find the smartest optimized solutions for every application and to ensure excellent process coordination, we bring together expertise in various fields of engineering from mechanics, materials, and fluidics to electronics and software.

The Building Blocks for Customized Solutions

By building on KNF’s standard products and selecting and combining options from our series types together with new innovations from our R&D, we can build customized pumps to meet almost any application-specific requirement.

KNF´s Modular System

KNF´s Modular System

We can adapt the three main components – the mechanics, the materials, and the motor – to our customers’ needs, allowing you to choose advantages such as high capacity, extended service life, high pressure, leak tightness, high chemical resistance, noise reduction, different port configurations, and much more.




Each year we carry out thousands of individual projects for our customers, providing flexibility and quality regardless of batch size.
We offer a vast number of materials and pump components, to ensure that each of our gas and liquid pumps operates efficiently over a long service life no matter the environment.
We apply your requirements systematically at every level right up to distribution, with the aim of developing the fastest and most cost-efficient solution.
KNF carries out 3,000 custom adaptations every year for customers worldwide.
We can deliver any batch size – from many thousands to just a single pump.  
We inspect and test 100% in line with your needs, taking all relevant specifications into account.
We offer more than 100 standard pump types for handling gases and liquids.
Customers can choose from a wide range of electrical components such as motors, custom wire connectors, and custom mounting plates
KNF pump solutions offer special features such as effective soundproofing, different finishes, leak-tight performance, and low-temperature materials.
Materials available for pump heads, diaphragms and valves include 316 stainless steel, aluminum, PPS, FPM, ceramic, EPDM, FFPM, neoprene, polycarbonate and PP.
Pump accessories such as shock and vibration isolators, pressure safety valves, pulsation dampers, filters and tubes are available.
We use your desired packaging to help reduce waste and protect the environment.  
We support a variety of systems such as Kanban, VMI, CMI, and B2B.  
With production sites worldwide, we can offer global availability.  
Pre-tested single components enable quick and inexpensive development of customized pumps.

From Standard Products to Custom Designs

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