Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm Pumps

High-Performance Technology

The diaphragm is the heart of our pumps and plays a key role in their performance. Many different technical applications benefit from the use of diaphragm technology: it prevents media contamination and ensures excellent leak-tightness for media transfer. When used with liquids, the diaphragm pump is self-priming and safe to run dry. When used with gaseous media, it is resistant to moisture and condensate. Read on to learn more about how diaphragm pumps give manufacturers a distinct competitive advantage in their markets.  

Low Maintenance Requirements

All KNF diaphragm pumps are designed without moving seals, which prevents friction and leakage and ensures a long maintenance-free service life. This, along with their low noise emissions, makes our diaphragm pumps particularly suitable for medical applications involving close contact with patients. 



Thanks to their high-quality components, KNF pumps offer a particularly long service life and maintenance-free operation. Every KNF series model can be adapted to meet any customer requirement. By using different materials for the pump components that come into contact with the media, we can ensure the necessary level of resistance to humidity, condensation and chemicals. 


High Precision 

Besides striving to keep on improving the precision that KNF is known for, we are constantly working to offer our customers even greater flexibility – for instance by enabling digital customization of more of our products.

Reliable Diaphragm Technology

The active principle of our diaphragm pumps is as follows: A drive in the pump housing causes a connecting rod to reciprocate and an elastomeric diaphragm to move up and down. On the downward stroke, the diaphragm draws the medium in via the inlet valve. On the upward stroke, it forces the medium out of the outlet valve. The diaphragm seals the compression chamber off from the drive mechanism with nearly zero leakage. The pump transfers, evacuates and compresses the medium without any need for oil.  

Expert Diaphragm Support

Our products and solutions use different diaphragms depending on the application. Options include flat, molded, structured, zone, convoluted and oval diaphragms – KNF can help you make the right choice to ensure unbeatable advantages for your specific application. Regardless of the diaphragm used, the active principle of our pumps remains the same.
We can also adapt the size and performance parameters of our diaphragm gas and liquid pumps and implement different motor types, electrical components, and mechanical options to suit individual applications. 

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