Next Generation of LABOPORT Vacuum Pumps

Laboratory Pump Technology with a Unique Design

KNF New Laboport Vacuum Pump Series

KNF presents a new series of LABOPORT® pumps—models N 96, N 820 G, and N 840 G — delivering the well-known LABOPORT performance in a striking new design.

Oil-free Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps for Laboratory Use

These new diaphragm pumps expand upon the proven LABOPORT pump innovations of oil-free, non-contaminating, chemically resistant construction with a modern look and the added benefit of speed-controlled DC motors for greater versatility. Now just a turn of the integrated knob controls evacuation speed. A color status display clearly indicates at a glance whether the pump is in normal operation or on standby.

Integrated Gas Ballast

N 820 G, and N 840 G include an integrated gas ballast valve to facilitate short process times, even for high-boiling solvents. The smooth rounded surfaces of all three pumps enable easy and thorough cleaning.

KNF designed the new pumps with benchtop space and portability in mind. Compared to appropriate existing KNF pumps, these new models offer a 10 – 20% footprint reduction to free up valuable benchtop space and a 5 – 30% weight reduction for improved portability.

KNF Modular Design

The two larger pumps are easily expanded into custom-tailored vacuum systems by simply connecting an optional separator and/or condenser module. This modular approach provides a cost-efficient way to expand pump functionality as needs grow.

Maximum flow rates for the new series range from 7– 34 L/min with ultimate vacuum levels of 97.5 – 4.5 torr. Applications include rotary evaporation, degassing, filtration, SPE, fluid aspiration, gel drying, centrifugal concentration, vacuum ovens, and more.


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The new generation of LABOPORT vacuum pumps: Unique design for Lab life!


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