KNF Launches Web Shop for Sample Pumps in the US

KNF has launched a web shop to provide customers with a streamlined way to purchase sample pumps online.

KNF is proud to announce the launch of its web shop.

KNF is launching a web shop for sample pumps. This new platform offers B2B customers unprecedented convenience and personalized services.

Efficiency Takes Center Stage

KNF is proud to announce the launch of its web shop, a digital platform that provides convenience and efficiency for B2B customers. This initiative is a significant step forward for B2B customers across the United States, simplifying the ordering process and streamlining operations.


The sample pump shop introduces a seamless and user-friendly experience that allows customers to easily manage their pump orders and access personalized services. It starts with a simple account setup that sets the stage for a straightforward and efficient ordering process. With just a few clicks, KNF customers have access to a selection of 26 curated sample pumps designed for a wide range of applications. Whether it's medical applications, inkjet technology, industrial processes and scientific research, each pump is designed to meet the needs of various projects, ensuring that companies have a reliable starting point for their unique needs.

Seamless, Personalized Ordering Process

The KNF Shop stands out for its commitment to providing a personalized customer experience. Upon registration, each customer gets assigned a dedicated KNF representative, establishing a collaborative partnership that extends beyond the traditional supplier-customer interaction. This personalized approach ensures that customers receive not only expert advice, but also solutions tailored to their specific project needs. Whether it is customizing a pump for a specific process or aligning it with unique project goals, personalized support ensures that each company's needs are fully understood and met.


KNF is committed to exploring ways and channels for customer interaction and will continue to improve this new platform to provide easy access to the latest products and services.

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