KNF at drupa 2024

The latest in diaphragm pumps for printing applications

The new DC-BI micro gas pump motor technology and the latest Smooth Flow pumps are ideal for the demanding requirements of printing applications.
Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

From May 28 to June 7, the international printing industry will meet at drupa, the world's leading trade show for printing technologies, in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event promises inspiration, innovation, high-quality knowledge transfer and intensive networking. KNF will present the latest diaphragm pump technologies for demanding inkjet applications in hall 4 / C23.

Inkjet Applications Excel with KNF Micro Gas Pumps

For inkjet applications, the benefits of smaller, more space-efficient solutions with improved performance-to-size ratios are significant. The advanced design of the new KNF NMP 820 micro gas pump reduces noise and vibration while delivering up to 2.1 l/min of free flow, operating at pressures up to 1.2 bar relative, and generating a vacuum down to 330 mbar absolute. Adding a second pump head increases free flow to 3.5 l/min and allows ultimate vacuum to 100 mbar abs. These features make these new micro gas pumps the ideal solution for reliable meniscus control and degassing in drop-on-demand applications.


Also on display at drupa 2024 are in-house designed and manufactured DC-BI motor options that offer unprecedented compactness, exceptional durability and extensive digital customization while delivering maximum performance. The double-headed KNF pumps NMP 830.1.2 DC-BI and NMP 850.1.2 DC-BI benefit from the innovative DC-BI motors, now offering flow rates up to 8.5 l/min, ultimate vacuum up to 55 mbar absolute, and maximum pressure up to 3 bar relative, depending on the specific pump configuration.

Versatile and quiet: The optimized design of NMP 820.1.2 reduces noise and vibration.
Versatile and quiet: The optimized design of NMP 820.1.2 reduces noise and vibration.

Latest Generation Low Pulsation Pumps

In addition to the latest advances in micro pump technology, visitors can experience state-of-the-art Smooth Flow Technology with the new KNF FP 7 liquid diaphragm pump. Designed to meet the most demanding liquid handling requirements, the FP 7 and its high-pressure version, FP 1.7, offer exceptional pulsation dampening capabilities, allowing them to be used in ink delivery and recirculation applications where diaphragm pump technology was previously considered unsuitable.

The self-priming liquid pumps with flow rates up to 70 ml/min are, like most KNF pumps, fully customizable to meet the specific needs of various applications. Suitable for continuous inkjet applications, for example, they provide consistent and precise ink flow, are resistant to ink pigments and solvents, and offer excellent flow control and low maintenance, even in continuous operation.