Dual Studies Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration

Let's go on a big journey! During your dual studies at KNF, you will make stops in all important commercial departments. On your route you will acquire sound knowledge and skills in the areas of purchasing, marketing and sales, financial accounting and controlling, logistics and administration.

This will prepare you well for the longer stays in the 5th and 6th semesters. Corresponding to your interests and skills, you will deepen your knowledge both during your studies and at KNF. During the practical phases you will work in KNF teams and supervise independent projects.


Start & Duration


DHBW Karlsruhe

- Advanced technical college entrance qualification
- A-levels

Your Skills:

- You have a soft spot for business topics.
- You want to put what you have learned into practice quickly.
- You are fit at the computer and could not live without it.
- You are committed, responsible and independent.
- You are motivated and want to learn more.
- You enjoy making plans and working with people.

Start of Training:

1st October

Period of Training:

3 years


Learn more about current apprenticeship opportunities at KNF. #KammaNixFalschmache

Apprenticeship opportunities

Application Process




Your Application

Write us why you want to join KNF! Your application should contain these documents so that we can get a first impression of you:

- Cover letter
- Tabular curriculum vitae
- Copies of at least two recent school reports
- References of traineeships, language courses or other

Two-Stage Selection Process

Job interview: If your application folder convinces us, we want to get to know you personally and invite you to a job interview in Munzingen. The interview is also a good opportunity for you to get to know KNF. Think about it in advance and find out more on our website. Curious questions are always welcome!

Follow-up and taster day: During the taster day you will experience a typical training day, get to know the people at KNF and gain a first insight. In the follow-up you will learn more details about the training and about KNF as an employer.

Decision, KNF & go!

After the agreed time you will receive a telephone or written acceptance or cancellation. Once you have accepted the offer, there is nothing to stop you making a successful start to your KNF training!

No Match? Why Don't You Try:

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