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In the Customer Service Team we are the first point of contact when problems arise with our pumps. Here, my colleagues and I work on incoming complaints and repairs from customers and those from our Sales Centers. We analyze the problem with the Repair Shop Team, resolve it, or assist our customers with the correct application. What I like about my work is that customers are grateful and happy when we can resolve their problems.

Following my apprenticeship to become an Industrial Management Assistant at KNF, I was employed in the Order Department in 2009. I soon realized that I found processing complaints far more interesting and that it appealed to me more. My team leader at the time recognized it and supported me with this development. And that’s how I, as a woman with a background in Industrial Management, fought my way into a more male-dominated, technical area.

KNF is having the freedom to work independently and using my own initiative.


My colleagues have helped and encouraged me to develop professional. At KNF, I have people behind me who trust me and who give me the space and the necessary support to grow. That brings us together and makes us like a little family. For me, that’s an ideal setting to work independently and to take initiative, committing myself to KNF for many years to come.

Alexandra Holzer
Team Customer Service

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