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I’ve been working for KNF for almost 40 years now. When I first started, the company was smaller and I had more responsibilities. Over the years I have developed from an all-rounder to a specialist in Financial Accounting. That means debits and credits are my world. Peak season starts at the end of the year for us since that’s the time for the annual accounts. It’s all hands on deck at that time of year!

When I started at KNF we were a team of 80 employees with an annual turnover of 12 million DM. Today, the team has grown to almost 250 people, we’re part of the global KNF Group and have a turnover on a completely different scale. Even though I haven’t developed any pumps myself, I know I have still made an important contribution. I feel proud when I see in just how many places KNF pumps end up: whether in outer space, Antarctica or in medical devices, in South Africa, Japan or the USA.

KNF is knowing that there is an element of consistency in my life.


Nothing is more constant than change, but for me, one thing has always stayed the same. For 39 years, I’ve been commuting almost 60 kilometers to work and back every day and on the weekend I still look forward to Monday rolling around again. Of course, there are tough days too at KNF, but the good outweigh the bad since teamwork is very important to my colleagues and Me.

Armin Braun
Team Financial Accounting

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