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Product qualification is part of the responsibilities of the Product Development Department but is linked to all other departments. Our task is to continuously promote the digitalization of measurement technology in-house, to establish pump performance data, to carry out special and prototype measurements, monitor endurance testing, to document measurement results, evaluate these and step in should there be any deviations. That’s how we ensure that every pump meets the specifications.

I’m very happy at KNF. Here I’m constantly able to develop and improve. My journey into product qualification started with my apprenticeship as an Industrial Mechanic at KNF and led to me assembling large pumps in our repair shop. I’ve been working in my current position for three years and it fits perfect to me and my skills. I have a lot of freedom and space to grow in my current position. Every day is demanding and exciting!

KNF is looking at and solving any problem together.


A huge plus at KNF is the friendly team spirit. During my time here I have worked in several departments and got to know many colleagues. Thanks to this, many friendships have been forged. And that means we can cooperate better to analyze and solve problems.

Marcel Sillmann
Team Product Development

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