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It all began with an apprenticeship to become an Industrial Mechanic in the 90s at KNF. Then I milled the housing of our pumps in a CNC processing center for a nearly 20 years. I found my work good fun and with time became a specialist and an old hand at the job.

That worked well for a long time, and the way I saw it, I could have done it for a lot longer. Then something happened that I could never have imagined. Completely out of nowhere, shift work really began to affect my health. I felt under a lot of pressure and was battling sleeping issues. I had often hardly slept when I started the morning shift. Luckily, I was offered a new position as an Assembler. That was my salvation since it meant I got to stay on at KNF. In my new department, I feel like a newbie once again, despite having worked here for many years. I’ve also come to know a different side to my employer and gained a completely new perspective.

KNF is when others listen to and help resolve my problems.


Today, I know what is built into the housing which I milled for years. The biggest change however was the move from shift work to flexible working hours, but that was definitely the biggest improvement for me too. I have set a daily routine and feel almost back to my old self. I’m so grateful that the company listened to my concerns and gave me the chance to make this change. I love working at KNF and with all the people with whom I now have the pleasure of working for many more years.

Markus Kotterer
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