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I’ve been at KNF for almost my whole career. Today, I’m the longest-serving Sales Engineer at KNF in Munzingen and actually within the whole KNF Group, too. For some years now, I’ve been responsible for the Technical Sales Department for our Sales Center in Switzerland and our representative offices in Spain, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Taiwan.

When I came to KNF after my apprenticeship, I was keen to get my foot in the door in working life. My plan was to move back to the Baar region after a few years. But everything worked out differently and 33 years later, I’m still here. The kind, friendly people who live in the stunning Tuniberg region and of course KNF itself are the things that kept me here. And my case is no one-off. Customers, representatives and colleagues – KNF brings and keeps people together. They feel connected to the company, the products and to each other.

KNF is catching myself singing in the corridor.


Over the past three decades, we’ve experienced many surges in innovation together, have grown from this and have been able to keep building on our success. A lot has changed, but the people have remained true to themselves. I feel very welcome here at KNF, now more than ever. When I catch myself singing in the corridor, it almost feels like yesterday when I first started at KNF.

Michael Schlatter
Senior Customer Project Manager Sales Export

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