Thanks to our extensive expertise acquired over many years and our close working relationship with printing system developers, we know exactly how vital fault-free operation is to both you as a manufacturer and your customers, as well as flawlessly produced components with the exact physical and qualitative properties required.

Applications for KNF Gas and Liquid Pumps:

▪  Binder jetting
▪  Material jetting
▪  Metal jetting
▪  Ceramic jetting
▪  Photopolymer jetting
▪  ColorJet Printing
▪  Liquid additive manufacturing
▪  MultiJet Printing

Jetting Technology in the Spotlight

The first 3D printers have been fitted with our diaphragm pumps. Our modular gas and liquid pumps were adapted to the specific needs of these machines in collaboration with the pioneers of jetting technologies. We are looking forward to even more exciting projects and the opportunity to use our extensive knowledge of pumps to continue to support this important cutting-edge technology. 

We have been involved in jetting technologies for 3D printing from the beginning, and so we know that growth sometimes takes time. No matter the size of the production run you need, we produce and deliver an optimal solution. 

KNF – Your Partner

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FP 70 smooth flow pump – low in pulsation, high in efficiency
KNF smooth flow technology explained by Stephan Engel, Product Manager
KNF smooth flow technology explained by Stephan Engel, Product Manager
Pulsation comparison with the FP 70 smooth flow pump
Tubing vibration comparison with the FP 70 smooth flow pump
How to align the gas connections of the N 96 diaphragm vacuum pump
How to maintenance the N 96 diaphragm vacuum pump
FL 10 diaphragm liquid pump – for precise transfer of binder and clean print heads
FP 400 diaphragm liquid pump – minimal pulsation
How to maintenance the N 838 vacuum pump series
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Most Recent Innovations

    Newly Developed DCB-I Motors

    FP 70

    FP 150

    N 96

    NMP 850 HP

    For NMP 830 (HP) & NMP 850 (HP) Pump Series


    • Flow rate: max. 7 l/min
    • Vacuum (max.): 220 mbar abs.
    • Pressure (max.): 3 bar (rel.)
    • Improved performance-to-size ratio
    • Integrated motor and optimized bearings for longer service life
    • Digital customization enables maximum pump control
    • Ideal for various binder jetting tasks
    Further Product Information
    Newly Developed DCB-I Motors

    Low Pulsation and Highly Efficient Smooth Flow Pump for Binder Supply


    • Flow rate: max. 0.85 l/min
    • Suction height: 3 mH2O
    • Pressure head: 20 mH2O
    • Integrated damper provides smooth flow with low pulsation
    • Integrated damper reduces flow resistance in tubes
    • Integrated damper prevents bubble formation
    • No need for additional dampening elements
    • Innovative 4-point valves for reliable self-priming even at low motor speeds
    • Digitally customizable BLDC motor for precise flow control and pinpoint adjustments to your electronics
    Further Product Information
    FP 70

    Maintenance-free Diaphragm Liquid Pump With Minimal Pulsation and Shearing Force for Binder Supply


    • Flow rate: max. 1.5 l/min
    • Suction height: max. 2.7 mH2O
    • Pressure head: 20 mH2O
    • Low pulsation
    • Excellent linearity
    • Self-priming and can run dry
    • Gentle conveying of sensitive media
    • Long lifetime, no maintenance
    • Able to transfer aggressive media
    • IP 65
    Further Product Information
    FP 150

    Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Boasts Outstanding Performance in the Fixation of 3D-Printed Parts


    • Flow rate: max. 8.5 l/min
    • Ultimate vacuum: max. 100 mbar abs.
    • Operating pressure: max. 2.5 bar rel.
    • Copes well with vapor and condensation
    • The pump can start against the entire pressure and vacuum range without discharging
    • Brushless DC motor for custom-fit rotational speed control
    • Extended temperature range for ambient temperatures up to 50 °C and media temperatures up to 70 °C
    • High level of gas tightness: 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s according to type examination
    Further Product Information

    Versatile Micro Gas Transfer Pump for Degassing, Vacuum Generation for the Meniscus Effect/Workpiece Fixation, Print Head Cleaning/Purging


    • Flow rate: max. 16 l/min
    • Ultimate vacuum: 200 mbar abs.
    • Operating pressure: 2.5 bar rel.
    • Long product life
    • High pneumatic performance
    • Compact size
    • Can operate in any installed position
    • High condensate resistance
    • One pump for vacuum and pressure application
    Further Product Information
    NMP 850 HP
    KNF Gas and Liquid Pumps for 3D Printing Systems

    Durable, reliable, optimal for jetting technologies – our brochure tells you why we are your ideal partner pioneering the exciting opportunities of 3D printing.

    KNF Modular System

    How We Collaborate to Optimize Your Pump
    Every application is different and some are one of a kind. Our modular system is designed to give you a high degree of flexibility, speed and reliability. You can be sure that every gas and liquid pump supplied by KNF will exactly meet your requirements, no matter how complex or unusual these might be. This includes a broad range of accessories. We work closely with you to design customized project pumps that give you a competitive edge in your target market. From its configuration to its testing conditions and packaging as well as customized warehouse and logistics concepts – your project pump is tailored to your particular needs. 

    Series Models – The First Step to Customized Pumps
    KNF offers a range of 70 series models designed for handling gases and liquids. The performances of these are described in our data sheets.

    The KNF Modular System for Creating Customized Pumps
    It is easy to tailor every series model to meet application-specific requirements by selecting and combining a variety of options. These range from the material used to make the pump components that come into contact with the media, to the drive and the mechanical elements such as the circuit points and connections. To meet the requirements even better the KNF modular system has been expanded to include the “DIGITAL CUSTOMIZATION” motor option. “DIGITAL CUSTOMIZATION” sets our brushless DC motors apart, allowing for their unique configuration. These motors exhibit complex operating profiles with comprehensive safety equipment, allowing you to benefit from improved energy efficiency, precise management of target values and easy digital control. The configurations created by the KNF modular system are based on tried and tested individual components, meaning that developing customized pumps is quick and inexpensive. 

    Project Pumps – Precisely Designed for the Application
    We support your development project by providing you with sample pumps quickly and easily. In consultation with you, our employees from the sales, engineering, and product management divisions determine the modifications to be made to the product's standard technical parameters.

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    KNF Pumps at Work at 3D Printing

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