KNF developed its first Ex pump series in the 1970s, the N 143 Ex and N 186 Ex. Both have been replaced by the N 630 Ex series, which offers impressive performance and a range of useful features.

Features & Benefits

These are the main advantages of the N 630 Ex explosion-proof pump series:

  • High chemical resistance
  • Durable even with difficult operating conditions
  • High level of gas tightness up to 5 x 10-5 mbar x l/s as a standard
  • N 630.15 Ex version: High level of gas tightness up to 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s as a standard 
  • Flameproof motor with intrinsically safe terminal box for simple installation
  • Explosion protection three-phase motor: Ex II 2G Ex de IIC T4 Gb
  • Explosion protection pump parts: Ex II 2G Ex h IIB+H2 T3 Gb

Explosion Protection Designation

The N 630 Ex explosion-proof series pumps have the explosion protection designation Ex II 2/2G Ex h IIB+H2 T3 Gb:



  Symbol for explosion-proof pumps   







  Device group



Device group II applies for devices that are used in other areas that could be

endangered by an explosive atmosphere.






  Device category




Devices that extract from zone 1 and are designed for use in areas in which it is to

be expected that an explosive atmosphere consisting of gases, vapors or mists forms







Symbol indicates that the device complies with one or more ignition protection types






  Symbol for ignition protection type   




An ignition hazard assessment in accordance with standards DIN EN ISO 80079-36 

and DIN EN ISO 80079-37 was performed for the pumps. The protective goals were

reached by applying ignition protection type constructional safety "c".


  IIB + H2      























  Explosion groups


















































Ethyl acetate


Ethyl chloride


Acetic acid

Carbon monoxide           



Methyl chloride






i-amyl acetate


n-butyl alcohol



Acetic anhydride












Diesel fuel

Jet fuel

Heating oils
















Town gas                  




Ethyl alcohol                


Hydrogen sulfide            







  Temperature class



Max. surface temperature: 200 °C

Ignition temperature: > 200 °C





  Equipment protection level



Devices with high protection level for use in potentially explosive areas in which there

is no risk of ignition during normal operation or in th event of foreseeable or infrequent

faults/malfunctions. Constructional safety: High.


The Right Fit for Your Need

The N 630 Ex is available with either one or two heads and a serial or parallel connecting system as a vacuum pump or compressor. All four versions are outfitted with PTFE-coated diaphragms as standard, while EPDM is also available. 


Familiarize yourself with the technical details of our N 630 Ex explosion-proof pump series:

N 630 Ex – One-headed Vacuum Pump and Compressor

­­Flow Rate (max.): 35 l/min

Operating Pressure (max.): 4 bar (rel.)

Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 120 mbar (abs.)


Get all technical details here

N 630.15 Ex – Two-headed Compressor with Series Connections

Flow Rate (max.): 35 l/min

Operating Pressure (max.): 9 bar (rel.)

Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 70 mbar (abs.)


Get all technical details here

N 630.3 Ex – Two-headed Vacuum Pump with Series Connections

Flow Rate (max.): 35 l/min

Operating Pressure (max.): 0.5 bar (rel.)

Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 25 mbar (abs.)


Get all technical details here

N 630.1.2 Ex – Two-headed Compressor with Parallel Connections

Flow Rate (max.): 68 l/min

Operating Pressure (max.): 4 bar (rel.)

Ultimate Vacuum (max.): 120 mbar (abs.)


Get all technical details here

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