Intelligent Technology for Climate Protection

KNF pumps in action

Ingenious solutions can be so simple. Take the eChiller: With its novel cooling technology, which uses water as a refrigerant, Efficient Energy GmbH is paving the way for sustainable temperature control. KNF pump technology has been facilitating this environmentally-friendly innovation with its N 813.3 diaphragm gas pump. Both reliable and maintenance-free, it helps drive climate-neutral cooling.

Germany is committed to achieving climate neutrality, and reaching this ambitious target will require both considerable one-time efforts as well as many small steps. Let’s take a look at cooling technology, for example: Many industrial processes depend on temperature control and servers must be cooled 24/7. Intelligent temperature control technology is also on the rise in buildings, with cooling requirements already extensive and set to increase further. However, most cooling systems continue to use harmful fluorinated gases, such as HFCs – greenhouse gases which have a negative effect on the atmosphere. As a result, many cities struggle to meet their climate targets: Frankfurt am Main, for example, is home to over 40 international data center providers, who caused 575,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions in 2019.


Efficient Energy GmbH – based in Feldkirchen, Germany – has now opened up a new path towards better climate protection for server cooling and many other applications. Impressive metrics make the “eChiller” product series stand out: 0 emissions and up to 80 percent energy savings compared to current state-of-the-art technology. It is the only cooling system in series production running on pure water (R718), meaning that it is not subject to any of the environmental and safety regulations applicable to refrigerants. This makes it possible to recycle refrigerants and to maintain cooling units quickly, ecologically and cost-effectively using readily available means.

eChiller by Efficient Energy; 
Image: Efficient Energy GmbH
eChiller by Efficient Energy; Image: Efficient Energy GmbH

Due to its physical characteristics, water can only be used as a refrigerant when placed in a vacuum. In a cooling/refrigerant cycle, water is initially subjected to a rough vacuum. This reduces the water’s boiling point and allows it to evaporate at lower temperatures. It is this closed-loop cycle of direct evaporation, compression, condensation and expansion of water which makes the eChiller so efficient.


The challenge lies in maintaining a constant vacuum throughout the entire operation. This is where the KNF N 813.3 pump comes in, proving its durability at low pressures of between 10 and 100 mbar at temperatures of 5°C to 45°C – maintenance-free and extremely reliably.

The N 813 series model was tailored to meet customer requirements.
The N 813 series model was tailored to meet customer requirements.

Using KNF’s tried-and-tested modular system, the N 813.3 series was tailored to meet customer requirements: on the suction side, the diaphragm gas pump was fitted with a head plate with permanently open gas ballast as well as a filter and a nozzle. The brushless DC motor, a KNF in-house development, has been digitally parametrized to achieve a higher rotational speed. The pump is extremely quiet with minimal vibration despite its powerful output – another advantage for many applications in the industry and in food production, as well as for the sustainable cooling of residential and commercial buildings.

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