KNF Invests in Sustainability

Construction project at the Freiburg-Munzingen location

Innovation means remaining open-minded about new and different approaches as well as identifying and tackling the challenges of the future. While this is definitely true for products and markets, the company location should not be exempt from thoughtful and far-sighted development. This is why KNF Neuberger GmbH continues to invest into their Freiburg-Munzingen head office, making it sustainable and fit for the decades to come.

An economic visionary with a keen sense for market trends and a healthy dose of pragmatism, KNF Neuberger GmbH has established itself as a global market leader. Back in 1969, the company set up the ideal head office for an ever-expanding company: a spacious site in Freiburg-Munzingen, easily accessible and close to the Swiss and French borders. This location is one of the production centers of the KNF Group and hosts the development, design and manufacturing of diaphragm gas pumps and diaphragm gas pump systems. It also serves as sales center for the KNF Group and is responsible for diaphragm gas pump, diaphragm micro gas pump and liquid pump customers throughout Germany.



Over 50 years later, KNF is still expanding and is now adapting its location to make it fit for the “world of work 4.0”. Lean production and one-piece flow characterize the enlarged assembly hall, inaugurated in 2020, and a new, three-storey office building has increased capacity. Mobile partition walls, open meeting areas and spacious glazed corridors are evidence of the flexible room design. Building components with a high level of thermal insulation, a ventilation system with heat recovery as well as interior fittings made from high-grade natural materials highlight sustainability and efficiency.



Starting in early 2022, the long-serving administrative building will now follow suit to become fit for the future. It will be gutted, with the three storeys being rebuilt according to the German KfW 70 Efficiency House standard. Cladding with aluminum composite panels will make the façade look more like the newer buildings at this location.

The investment volume of over 5 million euros also includes a photovoltaic installation, which is designed to generate enough power to cover peak loads as well as nearly the entire daily energy demand. Efficiency will be further boosted by the latest gas condensing system technology and an extensive rainwater harvesting system.



KNF plans to complete the construction work by the summer of 2023 and its employees can look forward to a new cafeteria opening onto the courtyard. With Freiburg im Breisgau being Germany’s sunniest city, this is sure to become a refreshing and attractive place to get together for the people at KNF, inspiring it to reach new heights.



Image: ©mbpk Architekten