The Erich Becker Sponsorship Prize

KNF to reward top apprenticeship placement performance

The 90th birthday of diaphragm pump pioneer Erich Becker is marked by a very special award: In future, the top performer in an apprenticeship year group will be awarded a sponsorship prize in Erich Becker’s name from the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK), funded by the KNF Neuberger GmbH from Freiburg-Munzingen, Germany.

Senior owner Erich Becker looks back on an epochal life’s work: As a managing partner, Becker shaped the destiny of the KNF Group with his inventions and bold decision-making, leading it from Freiburg-Munzingen to global markets. Since 2000, KNF Group has been in the capable hands of his eldest son, Martin, who continues its success story. Becker’s 90th birthday is a pivotal moment for both the German company location and the family to pay tribute to the unfaltering engagement and resourcefulness of the visionary.   


The Erich Becker Sponsorship Prize will be awarded to the top apprenticeship placement performer by the IHK Southern Upper Rhine. The prize will honor the candidate who, alongside an excellent secondary school qualification certificate, attains outstanding results in the apprenticeship placement. In achieving this, the candidates display similar qualities to those which helped Becker turn KNF into a global market leader: persistence, a strong belief in success, optimism.


Actively supporting and helping the next generation to flourish is right up the founder’s street. The 75-year history of the company teaches us that, above all, the ability to spot and use opportunities is more important than ever in the current age of digitalization. The Erich Becker prize is to be motivation to resolutely continue down a chosen path.


The awardee shall receive 2,500 euros, which is to be used for the further vocational qualification of their choice.


The prize will be officially launched on December 2 by Erich Becker and his family, the management team from KNF Neuberger GmbH as well as the IHK deputy managing director, Alwin Wagner. Erich Becker will receive his own, specially designed trophy to mark the occasion. This trophy will include a replica of the first diaphragm pump model series, patented in 1966, and represents that international success can stem from humble beginnings.

The first KNF diaphragm pump is the symbol of the Erich Becker Sponsorship Prize.
The first KNF diaphragm pump is the symbol of the Erich Becker Sponsorship Prize.

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