Elena Secelean

Elena Secelean

Small Assembly Supervisor

“The faith that KNF has shown in me has helped me to continuously grow my career.” 

I  started at KNF as an assembler 17 years ago. Before that I was working for a clothing company in Romania, which had German roots – like KNF. When I joined KNF, I had just immigrated to the US from Romania. Many things were new for me. Not only the country, but also the work and the language. But my colleagues and supervisors at KNF made it easy for me to settle in. 
Right from the beginning, I received the support I needed to progress further and build on my personal strengths. As soon as I improved my conversational level in English, the work itself became very easy and I progressed quite quickly. After gathering experience, I was promoted to Small Assembly Supervisor. I am now responsible for planning the inventory and managing the workflow, ensuring there are no delays in product delivery. 
Even though I am an ambitious person, it also comes down to my supervisors convincing me to take on challenges that I would not have taken on myself. The faith that KNF has shown in me has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to keep moving forward with my career. Some years ago, I was supposed to manage a project to optimise the workflow on a production island that had become a bottleneck for us. In order to support me in leading my team to success, KNF provided me with leadership training for managers. I passed with distinction and am now leading an assembly team of 30 people. 


My job can be challenging on different levels, but I enjoy coming to work every day. It has given me the opportunity to use my strengths, communicating with different people from diverse backgrounds and coaching them to become even more successful at their work. KNF is a creative organisation where your job is always evolving, holding a lot of opportunities. It is a place where you can see ideas grow into a real business. This keeps our work exciting — every day. 

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