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KNF Starter is a strategic unit responsible for scouting, developing, and scaling new technologies and businesses. Our special interest lies in cutting-edge technologies with a primary focus on manipulating liquids and gases.


As the world market and quality leader in diaphragm pump technology, KNF has researched, tested, and introduced many innovations in its more than 75-year company history. To intensify our interest in new horizons and fruitful collaborations, KNF Starter was founded. Based in Switzerland, this separate unit builds partnerships with pioneering start-ups and research groups to work on leading solutions in micro- and nanofluidics.

Six Reasons to Collaborate

Full Commitment

As your strategic partner, your goals become ours, creating a path towards mutual achievements. We are not looking for multiple partnerships, but for a true fit. You will be THE partner.

Industrial Scaling

With a proven track record of scaling businesses, we leverage our industry expertise to propel your startup from the early stages to sustainable success.

Global Market Access

With our custom-built solutions, sold to more than 8,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide, we provide you with direct access and valuable insights into high-tech, engineering-driven markets.

Innovative Spirit

Just like you, we are a team of scientists and entrepreneurs who value creativity and innovation. We are driven by a culture of exploration and growth.

Best Of Both Worlds

Benefit from the combination of the spirit and agility of a startup with the resources and reputation of a global company.

Long-Term Vision

Guided by trust and fairness, our family-owned company is committed to building lasting businesses for decades to come. 

Martin Becker

Martin Becker

CEO KNF Group & KNF Starter

“KNF has always actively promoted technological progress. With KNF Starter, we deliberately take things in a new, disruptive and unknown direction. We thereby combine the liberties of a start-up with the resources and expertise of a globally established company group.”

Get to Know Us

The agile KNF Starter Team, led directly by Martin Becker, CEO of the KNF Group, concentrates various competencies and expertise. Mauricio Pilo-Pais and Umut Sanli are Technical Experts in nanotechnology and materials science, while Raphael Grüter as Business Development Manager focuses on understanding and analyzing the market.

More about the team
KNF Starter drives innovation through scalable growth.
KNF Starter drives innovation through scalable growth.
KNF Starter drives innovation through scalable growth.

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KNF Starter Team

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