Liquid Diaphragm Pumps Re-imagined

Compact, multi-head and multiple diaphragm liquid transfer pumps feature two or more pump heads driven by one motor with adjustable flow rates, and plenty of pump customization options.
The design of KNF multi-head and multiple diaphragm fluid pumps delivers flow rates from 5 mL/min to over 12 L/min. Plus, KNF boxer-style, NFB liquid pumps feature two modes of operation, each offering cost-savings potential. In parallel mode, the alternating pump head operation results in a smooth, even flow of media -- important for systems sensitive to pulsation. In individual mode, these pumps can transfer two different liquids simultaneously, thereby eliminating the need for a second pump.
Driven by an adjustable speed, brushless DC motor; fluid flow rates can be regulated and matched to the parameters in the customer's pump system. Optimize a KNF liquid pump to your OEM performance needs, with spec-driven configurations, materials, and motors available through our engineer-to-engineer project pump process.

Customized Solutions

Series Overview

Features & Benefits


KNF FP, FK and NFB pumps significantly reduce pulsation compared to typical single-headed pumps, making them a valid replacement for gear pumps
KNF specializes in tailor-made solutions which allows us to focus on the features and benefits that are most important to you. Contact us today to learn more about all available options.
KNF multi-head and multiple diaphragm pumps offer high flow rates in a compact size, providing great installation and application flexibility. Learn more about KNF pump applications here
FP Series
Our lowest pulsation products
Flow rates up to 5 L/min
FK Series
KNF's highest flow products
Over 12 L/min liquid flow rate
NFB Series
Two pump heads in parallel controlled by one motor
Flow rates from <5 mL/min up to 1.3 L/min per head
External Pulsation Dampeners for further reduction
Pressure Control Valves
High Size/Performance Ratio
Very Long Life
No maintenance required
Self priming and can run dry
Versions available for agressive media
NSF certified options for food grade requirements
Excellent linearity 
High IP options available
Inkjet Printing
UV, water-based, and solvent ink recirculation to prevent pigment settling
Ink temperature management
Glaze, varnish, binder and hot-melt recirculation.
Temperature management
Aesthetic laser cooling systems
Analytical Instruments
Precise and flexible transfer of reagents with excellent linearity and turn down ratio.
Delivering solvents during sample preparation.
Dispensing cleaning agents for needle washing.
Two Pumps in One
NFB pumps can replace two single-headed pumps by offering two flow paths operated by just one motor, saving space and cost.

FP 150 Low Pulsation Pump

Low pulsation is a key feature of the FP 150 since it achieves values lower than 150 mbar (at the pump outlet) at nominal flow rate and lower still depending on system configuration and running speed. In this respect the FP 150 fares just as well as gear pumps used in Inkjet Printing.

Flow Rate (max.): 1.5 l/min
Operating Pressure (max.): 29 psig / 2 bar (rel)
max. Suction height: 7.82 inHg / 2.7 mH₂O

FP 150

FP 400 Low Pulsation Pump

The FP 400 is a next-generation diaphragm pump from KNF. It combines the traditional advantages of diaphragm pump technology — self priming, the ability to run dry, and long, maintenance-free lifetime under continuous-operation conditions — with a pulsation level comparable to gear pumps.

Flow Rate (max.): 4.6 l/min
Operating Pressure (max.): 14.5 psig / 1 bar (rel)
max. Suction height: 8.68 inHg / 3 mH₂O

FP 400

FK 1100 / FK 1.1100 Low Pulsation Pump

The FK 1100 has only one inlet and one outlet, despite having three diaphragms. These are offset by 120° from each other while connected in parallel, resulting in very low pulsation and minimal shear forces. Intensive testing has proven that the pump easily achieves pulsation values below 200 mbar at the inlet and outlet. This gentle conveyance spares fragile system components and media elements from potential damage.
Flow Rate (max.): 12.4 l/min
Operating Pressure (max.): 87 psig / 6 bar (rel)
max. Suction height: 13 inHg / 4.5 mH₂O

FK 1100

Advantages of the Boxer-Style Liquid Transfer Pumps

Designed for high fluid flow rates in a very compact size

NFB Product Series

NFB Product Series

NFB liquid pumps can be configured to transfer two different fluids simultaneously - saving space and money.
These models are designed as transfer pumps to produce high fluid flow rates in a very compact size - perfect for portable device applications.

The lowest flow liquid pump KNF offers is the NFB 5
Flow Rate: as low as 5 ml/min per head or up to 80 ml/min max total
Operating Pressure (max.): 14.5 psig / 1 bar g
Suction height (max.): 8.68 inHg / 3 mH₂O 


NFB 100

With the addition of the NFB 100 separation plate you can transfer 2.6 LPM or 1.3 LPM per head, keeping all your liquids separate from the electronics.  This accessory is ideal for preventing any splashing or aggressive media from contacting the motor during disconnection.

Flow Rate (max.): 2.6 l/min
Operating Pressure (max.): 14.5 psig / 1 bar (rel)
max. Suction height: 8.68 inHg / 3 mH₂O

NFB 100

Multiple Diaphragm Liquid Pumps

The design of KNF multi-head and multiple diaphragm fluid pumps delivers flow rates from 5 mL/min to over 12 L/min.

Additional KNF Multi-Head Liquid Pumps

Our sophisticated modular system enables our engineers to optimize each diaphragm pump precisely to their application requirements.