Smooth Flow Pumps for Demanding Applications

At KNF, the development of a new diaphragm liquid pump starts with looking at the end of the value chain. The inkjet market and the medical sector are good examples of this. What began decades ago with digitally printing ink on paper has evolved into an innovative and expanding industry. Today, digital inkjet printing is used in various  applications, including textiles and packaging , printing on ceramics and glass products, electronics, and additive manufacturing. The same is true for the medical industry.

The KNF FP 70 is part of the Smooth Flow series.
The KNF FP 70 is part of the Smooth Flow series.

Diaphragm pumps offer many advantages for demanding applications in the inkjet and medical fields. They are clean, oil-free, handle fluids gently and offer outstanding leak tightness. Their ability to move aggressive and abrasive media and their reliable and safe operations are also advantages.  As with all positive displacement pump technologies, including peristaltic, gear, and piston, diaphragm pumps generate pulsation. KNF has developed several liquid pumps with minimal pump pulsation using special Smooth Flow Technology.

Why Inkjet Benefits from Smooth Flow Pumps

Diaphragm liquid pumps are crucial for inkjet applications as they must move primers, inks, varnishes, resins or even electrically conductive liquids without compromising their quality. This also includes chemically aggressive or abrasive media such as ink containing particles.Smooth Flow Pumps  can add real engineering value in these applications. Some  advantagesinclude reduced resistance in the tubing, which is typically only a few millimeters thick and several meters long. Smooth flow increases the efficiency of the pumping process in these applications. It also prevents pressure peaks in the ink system. This is important as, in the worst case, these peaks can affect the quality of the print by disrupting  precisely controlled pressure conditions in the print head or by pre-curing inks.

Minimal Pump Pulsation is Crucial for Medical Application

Many advantages of Smooth Flow diaphragm liquid pumps that are critical for inkjet applications are also important for medical technology. Media also need to be transferred in a clean manner, and tubing connections can have similar effects. However, there are more advantages to Smooth Flow Technology that make a difference in medical applications. As many applications are in close contact with patients, pump pulsation can be heard or felt by the patients and may cause discomfort.This can be avoided with Smooth Flow Technology, increasing patient comfort and helping the recovery process.

Our KNF Smooth Flow Promise

KNF started the development of Smooth Flow Pumps several years ago. Many of these models have been successfully established in the medical and inkjet markets. Their low pump pulsation enables an efficient and gentle flow of high liquid volumes. Learn more below about the KNF Smooth Flow Pump Technology. This exploded view image shows the features of the KNF FP 150 as part of the Smooth Flow Series.

5-diaphragm technology
Wobbling eccentric
Integrated BLDC motor
5-diaphragm technology
By interlacing the flow and the pulses generated by each of the 5 diaphragms, a very high and yet smooth flow is achieved in the diaphragm liquid pump. This helps to efficiently transfer liquids through long tubing with smaller diameters, since Smooth Flow Pumps reduce pressure loss. It also minimises vibration of the tubes which can cause a number of problems. (Featured product: KNF FP 150)
Wobbling eccentric
At speeds of up to 4,000 rpm, the wobbling eccentric transforms rotational movement of the motor to linear motion needed to drive the diaphragms. All this while generating almost no vibration or noise, and with only minimal stress on the motor hardware. This ensures a long, maintenance-free and highly reliable performance of the diaphragm liquid pump in the customer’s system. (Featured product: KNF FP 150)
Integrated BLDC motor
Supporting the wide flow controllability provided by the smooth flow of the 5 diaphragms, a brushless DC motor integrated in a tight IP65 alloy housing allows for precise adjustment of the flow rate between 0.2 to 1.5 l/min. The advantages of BLDC motors in Smooth Flow Pumps include nearly wear-free drives, a long service life and quiet operation with minimal vibration. (Featured product: KNF FP 150)




The KNF FP and FK series significantly reduce pump pulsation compared to typical single-headed pumps, making them a valid replacement for gear pumps.
KNF specializes in tailor-made solutions which allows us to focus on the diaphragm liquid pump features and benefits that are most important to you. Contact us today to learn more about all available options.
KNF multi-head and multiple-diaphragm pumps offer high flow rates in a compact size, providing great installation and application flexibility.
FP Series
  • Our lowest pump pulsation products
  • Flow rates up to 5 l/min 
FK Series
  • KNF's highest flow products
  • Liquid flow rates over 12 l/min
  • External pulsation dampeners
  • Pressure control valves
  • Filters
  • Compact
  • High performance to size ratio
  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free
  • Self-priming
  • Can run dry
  • Versions available for aggressive media
  • NSF-certified options for food grade requirements
  • Excellent flow controllability
  • Lightweight
  • High IP protection class options available (up to 65)
Inkjet Printing
  • UV, water-based, solvent ink recirculation to prevent pigment settling
  • Ink temperature management
  • Glaze, varnish, binder and hot-melt recirculation
Analytical Instruments
  • Precise and flexible transfer of reagents with excellent linearity and turn-down ratio
  • Delivering of solvents during sample preparation
  • Dispensing cleaning agents for needle washing
  • Patient temperature management
  • Aesthetic laser cooling systems

Smooth Flow Pumps at a Closer Look

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