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What Advantages Does a Custom Pump Offer?

Most KNF pumps in use around the world have been customized. But what are the real benefits of in-depth customization?

Pumps are often intended to perform a specific task that may have demanding requirements. That is why KNF offers custom pumps to meet the specific needs of an application as closely as possible. Several aspects of the pump can be customized. In this blog post we present the many advantages that in-depth customization can offer over standard pump series.

Get Your Operating Point Right

Most applications require a certain flow at a certain pressure or vacuum level. Pumps should therefore be able to reach this operating point without being oversized. This ensures that the pump is neither too large nor consumes unnecessary energy, which can also make it cost inefficient. To get the right custom pump, KNF therefore offers many pump sizes and several options of achieving the right operating point such as digitally customizing the motor or selecting an optimized eccentric.

Custom Pumps Enable High Chemical Compatibility

Some industries deal with challenging media that may be corrosive, explosive, sensitive or environmentally hazardous. To maintain the integrity of the fluid, it is important to ensure that it only comes into contact with suitable materials. KNF offers a wide range of materials for the diaphragm and valve elastomers and the pump head. This can even include unusual materials like gold or high-tech polymers like PCTFE. As a result, KNF diaphragm pumps can handle most fluids.

No Adapters Needed with Custom Pumps

Every pump must be properly connected to its system. This applies to both electrical and hydraulic connections. The advantage of a custom pump is that all connections can be tailored to the system requirements. This eliminates the need for adapters between the pump and the systems, which is a significant advantage because adapters not only add cost, weight and size, but can also cause problems. For example, adapters can introduce additional potential leak points, and electrical adapters can loosen over time when exposed to vibration.

Thanks to their modular design approach, KNF pumps can be customized quickly, reliably and efficiently for a wide variety of applications.
Thanks to their modular design approach, KNF pumps can be customized quickly, reliably and efficiently for a wide variety of applications.

Reduced System Cost

Custom pumps can incorporate the functions of specific components into their design. In some applications, this can eliminate the need for additional components. For example, blow-off valves upstream of some compressors can be eliminated from our customer's system by incorporating a custom pump feature that allows it to start against pressure.

Custom Pump Lifetime Minimizes Cost Further

For some applications, long pump service life is critical. In these cases, KNF offers advanced brushless DC motors that can run for very long periods of time, creating highly reliable and robust custom pumps. However, some applications, such as backup emergency pumps, do not require long runtimes. In these cases, customers can opt for simpler brushed motors, which are also very reliable, but do not offer the same long lifetime due to brush wear. This example illustrates that a custom pump is not necessarily more expensive than a standard pump, but can result in lower costs.

Protection of Sensitive Information

When customers receive a custom pump from KNF, they not only receive a pump that is perfectly tailored to their needs, but also the assurance that the specifications of the pump will be kept confidential. This gives KNF customers a competitive advantage in the market. Competitors cannot order the custom pump or determine its specifications and, therefore, the specifications of the customer's system. Under no circumstances will KNF sell or disclose the details of a custom pump to any third party without the written consent of the customer.

The Path to the Perfect Custom Pump: Collaboration

The benefits of pump customization presented here are just a glimpse of the potential of comprehensive customization. At KNF, we work closely with our customers to create a pump that truly fits the customer's application. This is made possible through a strong, trusting partnership, rigorous testing and the expertise that KNF offers. At KNF we do not just sell pumps, we offer solutions that perfectly fit the customer system. We often continue to improve our customers’ systems and assist them in solving new challenges. Read the customer cases below to find out what developing a custom pump with us looks like.

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