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Why NPWT Technology Relies on KNF Vacuum Pumps for Wound Care

KNF medical vacuum pumps are critical components in negative pressure wound therapy devices designed to resolve complex and chronic wounds

Medical technology is constantly advancing. This is also true for the methods healthcare professionals use to dress wounds. One of these techniques is Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT). Here, KNF vacuum pumps for wound care play a crucial role while also ensuring patient comfort.

Special Wounds Need Special Attention

For most wounds, simple sterile dressing or even just a bandage will do the job. But sometimes, patients suffer from wounds that require more attention and do not heal properly or not at all with conventional methods. Usually, these are infected and complex wounds like burn wounds, ulcers caused by diabetes, decubitus and many more. Here, more advanced wound treatment methods are needed that rely on state-of-the-art medical vacuum pumps for wounds.


NPWT – High-Tech with Old Roots

One of these modern techniques for dressing wounds is a method called NPWT or vacuum assisted wound treatment (VAC). While therapeutic applications using negative pressure like cupping therapy were first described in 1500 BC, this specific application was named NPWT in 1952. In its current form, this method was developed in the 1990s and since became a standard treatment. Supplying cutting-edge pumps like the NMP 830, NMP 830 HP or NMP 850, KNF has been a part of this development for a long time.


Pulling Liquids with Vacuum Pumps for Wound Care

Modern NPWT uses a special foam dressing that is placed over the wound. The foam is then covered with a film sealing which is connected to a negative pressure device via tubing. In addition to a medical vacuum pump for wounds, the device usually has containers for liquids. These are needed because NPWT treatment draws air as well as liquids from the wound.

NPWT Increases Blood Circulation

The suction of liquids and air increases blood circulation in the wound which helps the healing process. It also allows antibiotics and other medicine to be better transported to the affected areas. NPWT devices containing the vacuum pump for wound care can be stationary for usage at the hospital bed as well as portable to allow mobile patients to move freely.


The Ideal Pump Type for NPWT

Diaphragm pumps are the ideal pumps for NPWT applications. As medical vacuum pumps for wounds, diaphragm pumps offer a wide range of advantages over other pumps. They are safe to use and robust, offer a wide performance range, are relatively small and have a low current draw. These properties make diaphragm pumps the ideal technology for NPWT.


Customized Medical Vacuum Pumps for Wounds

As the quality and world market leader for diaphragm pump technology, KNF supplies NPWT device manufacturers with customized vacuum pumps. For this application, customers often modify aspects like choosing a smaller eccentric for minimal noise. Another great advantage is the option to use a BLDC motor which allows for precise controllability. Here, customers can rely on KNF’s decades of experience in the medical field.


NPWT Requires Reliable Vacuum Pumps for Wound Care

For NPWT applications, KNF pumps offer many advantages like reliability, maximum cleanliness and compact dimensions. But the most important aspects are quiet operations as well as low pulsation and low vibration. These are critical properties because the device is connected to the patient and runs for several days without long interruptions. Therefore, patient comfort and wellbeing as well as their recovery experience depend heavily on the discrete functioning of the NPWT device.


Accessories Further Improve Medical Vacuum Pumps for Wounds

KNF offers a wide range of accessories for optimized pump operations. As NPWT applications must be quiet, silencers can be used to keep noise at a bare minimum. In addition, accessories like shock mounts for reduced vibration may be used.

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