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We provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding diaphragm pump technology.

The diaphragm is the heart of KNF pumps and plays a key role in the performance. Many different technical applications can benefit from the use of diaphragm technology. Amongst other advantages, it prevents media contamination and ensures excellent leak tightness for media transfer. Learn more about how the technology of our diaphragm pumps works.

Pump Technology

Diaphragm pumps can be used for both gas and liquid, hence they are dry-running safe and self-priming. They also tend to be very long-lasting, because they don't have any moving seals which can wear out over time. This also helps to keep the transferred media clean, because the pumps don't require any lubricants and the risk of abrasion is minimal. Furthermore, the transferred media is handled very gently, as it is not exposed to high shear forces.

Pump Technology

The unique modular design of KNF solutions allows our engineers to assemble each pump from individual key components. We can customize the mechanics, the materials, and the motor to our customers’ requirements, allowing to select advantages such as high capacity, extended service life, high pressure, leak tightness, high chemical resistance, noise reduction, different port configurations, and much more.

Customized Solutions

Every customer application is different, so we offer a high degree of flexibility and customization. Our customized solutions are collaboratively designed to meet every requirement. We can offer different connections, motors, materials, accessories and much more to exactly fit our pump to your application. Contact our team with your technical requirements and we will help you develop the smartest solution.

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KNF is able to tailor products to our customers' needs using our modular system. Each product family has several standard configurations, matching different materials and motors to provide pumps for different needs. We also offer additional features, such as different connections or increased performance, on a custom basis. Our modular system allows for customization by taking advantage of interchangeable parts to build the pump that is best for individual applications.

Modular System
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